The Power of the Word is a board game to learn about the stories of the Lord Jesus and have a great time with family or friends.

The game is introduced by a story about treasure hunters. They found a chest and in it fragments of priceless woven paintings showing scenes from the Gospels.
Now the treasure is in the hands of the players. They have in front of them beautiful, multicolored cards with scenes from the Gospels, as well as pictures and words from the Bible. In their turn they decide which dice to roll and which cards to draw. They should do it in such a way as to form the highest scoring collections.

The winner will be the one who scores the most points and gets his pawn to the finish line the fastest.

The game develops perceptiveness, strategic thinking and, above all, biblical knowledge.
Explore the Bible. Discover the Power of the Biblical Word.

The Power of the Word game received an honorable mention from the Association of Catholic Publishers Phoenix 2021

A religious board game in which all players become wanderers and traverse the biblical land while having fun together. 

The wanderers discover events from the Old and New Testaments, and with them interesting, often surprising tasks.
The texts on the cards of this game are arranged in such a way as to simultaneously relate to the Bible, as well as to the daily lives of the players: talents they have received, creative ideas, interesting passions, great important events, as well as everyday matters that may seem trivial on the surface. Bible Wanderers perfectly shows that the Bible is fascinating and always relevant.

The game teaches cooperation. There is no competition and judging, there are no losers. The game provides an opportunity to showcase one's talents, enjoy them and feel grateful for the gifts received. 

Bible Wanderers will bring loved ones together at the dinner table and provide them with a good, creative time spent together. It will be interesting, fun and very family-oriented.

Players become creators of multicolored stained glass windows

 Many boards - windows, which need to be filled with different types of tiles

 To win, you need to demonstrate logic and perceptiveness

 Short texts on the boards and tiles will bring you closer to the events of the Bible

 This board game will delight children as well as adults

 For 2-6 players, aged 7+

Pictures full of Grace game presentation




In the game Gloria Dei, each player takes on the role of a stained glass window creator. He receives his own board with windows, which during the game he will fill with pictures depicting stained glass fragments.

The winner will be the one who makes thoughtful, logical decisions, who gets lucky and who shows perceptiveness.

The Gloria Dei game has uncomplicated rules that can be explained clearly and quickly.

The simple, short texts on the boards and tiles introduce the events in the lives of various biblical characters. At the same time, they emphasize the saving work of the Lord God and His love for man. They are designed to become an inspiration for exploring the Word of God and sharing it with others.

There are no negative interactions in the GLORIA DEI game.

The game will bring loved ones together at the dinner table and provide good, creative time spent together.

Gloria Dei game presentation


 Wander through the wonderland and learn about biblical characters

 180 cards with information about Bible characters and tasks for players

 Challenges related to the Bible, as well as to the skills, passions and talents of the players 

 Collecting points together - cooperation and developing communication

 The game entertains and teaches about Bible

 For 3-12 players, aged 3+

Bible wandereds game presentation


 A game about the life of Jesus Christ

 Players collect stories from the Gospels and combine them with the corresponding cards of characters and objects

 This board game develops perceptiveness and strategic thinking

 The race of the pawns on the board arouses great excitement

 Smart, beautiful and interesting

 For 2-6 players, aged 7+

The Power of God Word game presentation


Board game for every family

 Travel by car on the board - amazing adventures and challenges

Tasks for children to perform by adults and vice versa

 Opportunity to get to know each other and have fun

 Wonderfully spent time with loved ones

 For 3-20 players, aged 3-100

Adventurers family game presentation


An original board game that introduces the profiles of the saints

 Get to know the saints together through great fun

Dozens of images, dozens of events from the lives of the saints, curiosities and words of the saints

 Beautiful cards in a box, a large poster and an interesting board

Emotional gameplay, good fun, great educational value

 For 2-6 players, aged 9+


Friends of the Saints game presentation


Tables and colorful pictures in a canvas bag

 Three versions of the game - for younger and older players to choose from

Looking for identical pictures or finding illustrations for the text you are listening to

 Learning stories about the Lord Jesus Christ

Great fun for preschoolers as well as younger school children

 For 2-4 players, ages 2-7


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