In the game Gloria Dei, each player takes on the role of a stained glass window creator. He receives his own board with windows, which during the game he will fill with pictures depicting stained glass fragments.

The winner will be the one who makes thoughtful, logical decisions, who gets lucky and who shows perceptiveness.

The Gloria Dei game has uncomplicated rules that can be explained clearly and quickly.

The simple, short texts on the boards and tiles introduce the events in the lives of various biblical characters. At the same time, they emphasize the saving work of the Lord God and His love for man. They are designed to become an inspiration for exploring the Word of God and sharing it with others.

There are no negative interactions in the GLORIA DEI game.

The game will bring loved ones together at the dinner table and provide good, creative time spent together.

Players become creators of multicolored stained glass windows

 Many boards - windows, which need to be filled with different types of tiles

 To win, you need to demonstrate logic and perceptiveness

 Short texts on the boards and tiles will bring you closer to the events of the Bible

 This board game will delight children as well as adults

 For 2-6 players, aged 7+




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